Getting new clients with Instagram for real estate photography


Getting new clients

On a previous posts I’ve seen some people talk about how they wished they could get more clients, but wasn’t sure how.

Here is a little trick that I do on Instagram.

Most of the bigger real estate agents have a social media presence. Instagram is a big one because they use it to share the photos they get of the property, are able to interact with an audience, take questions via inbox or comment thread, and can run ads.

What worked for me is to follow local agents/agencies business accounts (Not their personal one unless you know them personally). Go look and see what hashtags they are using. Look into it more and see if it just isn’t one they use randomly and actually have many others using it to. Stay away from stuff like #realestatephotos as your main hashtag. Focus on local hashtags like #NWMLS which is North west MLS for us. Same goes for the cities. Most agents need to separate themselves from the bigger cities around them (like Seattle) and want to focus people to their smaller towns (Like Gig Harbor).

Once you compile a list of proper tags, use them in your posts. Ill provide a screen shot soon on how I do mine.

After you do that and follow agents. Interact with them. Don’t just get straight into their face and be like “HIRE ME I DO PHOTOS”. Instagram is a wonderful place to allow people to see your body of work with out having to go to far.

From there you build relationships with them. Congratulate them when they close on a house. Be friendly.

Most of my new clients are coming from Instagram now. I hope this helped you some. I’ve learned going to their office to try and get work really doesn’t work much any more. Everyone is a photographer now. Instagram is where you can easily prove it.

Remember your work is just as much customer service as it is photography.

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