Hike to Tolmie and the Milky Way

I found photos from Tolmie Peak a few months back and I’ve been wanting to do the hike ever since. Finally it opened, so I packed up my camera, water, and trail mix and hoped for the best.


What I didn’t plan for was the road way being so gravely and full of potholes. The TrapBlazer made it up just fine. Funny thing is the decent was way easier.  The views going up was amazing.


Everyone and their mother must have had the same idea. Parking wrapped around the gravel road for about a mile before the trailhead.

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One thing that I didn’t take into account was the elevation. Each corner was just another uphill. I was impressed that I was able to make it as far as I did because of my leg and everything. At the same time I would see people with small children coming back from the peak and I told myself I can do it to. There were many stops on the way, but once I reached the lake… boy was the pain worth it.

Once I got to the lake I turned around. I knew I needed to make it back and I needed the energy and didn’t want to injure myself. I will defeat this hike in the next few months. I will make it to the top.

And then… The Milky Way.


Headed up to Sunrise to watch the hikers make it to the top of Rainier and take advantage of the new moon. It was a breathtaking experience.


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