Dollar Beard Club Review

There comes a time where you are able to finally grow a beard; puberty, getting out the military, or the wife says it’s ok. Just like the hair that is on the top of your head, your beard needs care too. If you have a fresh haircut, but a raggy beard, it just doesn’t look right.

Having a well groomed beard will help bring your confidence level up and make you feel better about yourself. Very opinionated … I know

So what do you do?

There are many companies that are out there that make beard care products. The companies offer oils, balms, shampoos, and accessories.

Today, I will be reviewing The Dollar Beard Club.

It has been about 10 months since I first ordered my monthly subscription. It wasn’t going to be a subscription until I was able to see how well my beard was looking even after just a week with the product.

First thoughts video

My first order was the Original scent oil, Sandalwood oil, brush, comb, and the balm. I do believe I grabbed a bottle of the beard growth pills, but decided not to use them.

Over the next few months I started to thin out my order. I found that the Sandalwood oil was a scent that I liked more. I was going through their 2 oz bottle within a month. My beard was roughly 6 inches long at the time and I needed more oil to help maintain a nice look. During the summer I did shave it off to restart it because of a patch that was showing up from playing with the beard too much. Afterwards I moved back down to the .5 ounce bottle. I tend to use the oil 3 – 5 times a week. It is normally when I am going to school, work, or out with friends. If I am staying at home, I tend not to use it.

The beard shampoo is pretty amazing. The ingredients are natural and almost feels like it’s a conditioner in texture. I go through the 8 ounce bottle once a month. I did try the body wash, but I am more of a bar soap kind of guy. Nothing was wrong with it. It smelled nice and lathered well.

All in all I will have to say I am impress with the ease of use of their website, ordering, shipping, and products. I have even gifted my dad a box to help him with his beard. Stay tuned for that.

Click the link below to try it out for yourself.


Dollar Beard Club

10 month review video

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