Smart Watch buying guide

With all the news surrounding the Apple Watch release, many people have wanted to get their hands on a smartwatch. A smart watch is is basically an extension of a cell phone. The wireless connection between the watch and the phone allows notifications to appear on the watch, allowing the user a quick glance to see if the notification is important enough to check now or later. Other options, such as calendars or maps, create an ease of use for the user.

A few smartwatch options that are on the market as of 2015 varies between price and tasks the phones can do.

Pebble Steel: $199

The first watch that is available now is the Pebble Steel. This waterproof smartwatch is priced at $199. This allows it to compete with other similar priced Android watches. The display screen is a 1.26 inch e-paper LCD. The operating system allows basic task such as text, emails, and notifications. The battery lasts up to four days and can connect to both Androids and iPhones. The wristband is removeable to change up the style of the watch. The limitations of the watch is it only allows 8 apps to be on it at once.

Moto 360: $180 – $250

The stylish Moto 360 is one of the first smartwatches that does not appear to be a computer strapped to your wrist. The 1.56 inch LCD disc shaped display has a stainless steel encasement that helps protect the watch. It comes with a black leather band that is made by Horween leather.

The Moto 360 runs the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. Most new Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S6, runs the same operating system that allows syncing between watch and phone to be seamless.

One setting that will help users out is the theatre mode. Normally when notifications come up the screen lights up. Turning on this mode keeps the screen from coming on or vibrating. The watch comes with a docking system where you just lay the watch on for charging. The easy of use of the charging station is only hindered because you cannot charge it with your basic phone charger. Another downside to the watch is the battery life. It normally last throughout the day with hundreds of notifications sent to it, but will die after 12 hours with extreme use.

Apple Watch: $349 – $17,000

Starting at an average of $550, the Apple Watch targets those who already have Apple products. The ease of use and display quality of the watch shines throughout.

The watch is able to make phone calls, track your fitness routines, and listen to music. The watch is not a complete phone, but a very good compliment to the iphone. There is a talk-to-text option for sending out messages.

The battery, last a full 6.5 hours of fitness tracking or music playing. From there it can last up to 48 hours if only used for checking the clock.

Yes, that price is correct. $17,000 will buy you the Apple Watch encased in 18-karat rose gold with a rose grey modern buckle. Does it come with a car, tv, or something else that makes it this price? No. Apple products have always been higher in price compared to the Android equivalents.

The different level of Apple Watches differs between the band and the casing. There is no upgraded operating system or storage to go along with the price.

All three watches gives different options at different prices. Each cater to a certain type of users; minimalist, Android, or iPhone. The watches add a certain level of multitasking ability that those who are constantly on the run will find welcoming.

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