Valeria Boo

This week marks the one year anniversary that Valeria and I started shooting together. We DSC_6441have watched each other grow into what we have become today and I couldn’t be more impressed by her outlook at life, career, and goals.

Any time we shoot, she can just look at my face and know when the image is going to turn out great.

We will be working on this website together to bring you reviews, photography, and event coverage. Val will be focusing more on fashion and modeling while I will be focusing on photography and news writing.

DSC_6273Here is a little about Val.

Ethnicity: Latina

What was the first car you loved?

My very first car, midnight blue 91 turbo MR2


What would you say is your favorite part of the car scene?

Oh man I love the people, the sound of the different exhausts, the smell of rubber, and the throttle of being inside one of the drift cars!

Modeling seems fun, but what is the part that you dislike the most?

Getting ready! I honestly hate picking out my outfits I never know what to wear. Never 100% prepared.

DSC_5297Well you seem to be able to pull it off. What is the best part of modeling for you?

When someone comes up to me half speechless and half excited to shake my hand and ask if they can take a photo with me. Makes me smile so big to know that there’s people out there who admire what I do.

Do you have any goals for the future?

I want to buy a house and build my garage in order to build my car. I would love take a vacation and travel everywhere taking photos with all kinds of photographers. It would be an experience and trip of a life time with some amazing photos to back it up.

DSC_6316Finally, what is your favorite car?

I love coupes and I love a classic. I’d have to say the NSX since my first car event I went to and saw an all white with carbon fiber hood. I fell in love, some day I’ll own one and make the interior all red

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